how to draw a pointing arrow

If I want to draw a line between 2nd and 3rd ellipse, I need index 1 and 2, and if I want to draw a line between 3rd and 4th ellipse, I need index 2 and 3. That's what I'm getting and what the program is doing all the time. Is that correct? I think it is. ... More

how to buy nano s waller in australia

In terms of hardware, the Ledger Wallet Nano is a compact USB device based on a smartcard. It is roughly the size of a small flash drive, measuring 39 x 13 x 4mm (1.53 x 0.51 x 0.16in) and ... More

how to become an oncology technician

Each university course varies but core subjects include communication skills, oncology or digital imaging, anatomy, treatment or imaging techniques, radiation physics and research methods. Applications for undergraduate (BSc (Hons) courses are through UCAS . ... More

how to connect mppt solar controller in caravan

25/07/2016 · You will need to use a MPPT controller with an input voltage in excess of the Voc printed on the back of the panel. Domestic panels typically run around 45V, MPPT controllers typically have an input voltage limit of around 60V. If using more than one panel, you will have to connect … ... More

how to cook perfect salmon in the oven

Place the oven rack in such a way that the salmon is at least four inches away from the heat source. Now pop in the baking pan and broil the salmon. You have to watch the fish as it cooks to achieve even browning. If you like a slight pinkness in the middle, broil for five minutes. If you want the fish to be done, shut off the broiler and leave it in the hot oven for another three to five minutes. ... More

how to clean samsung top loader washer

The samsung top loader is not up to job of laundering garments if an item has a sleeve pants leg or strap it will end literally braided into samsung top load washer ... More

how to view your call message and data usage history

Our Online Portal allows you to easily keep track of your data usage, so there are no surprise excess download fees at the end of the month. To check your data usage, simply: Login to the My Account Portal and select ‘My Data Service’ in the left menu. ... More

how to use break in python

In Python currently, break and continue can apply only to the innermost enclosing loop. Adding support for labels to the break and continue statements is a logical extension to the existing behavior of the break and continue statements. ... More

how to create iso file from dvd using nero 7

This guide is for users who have downloaded Windows 10 ISO file and want to create a bootable DVD out of it to install Windows 10 from Go for this method if you’re on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10. In this method, we will use the native ISO burning tool to prepare bootable Windows 10 DVD. Step 1: Insert a blank DVD into the optical drive (CD/DVD drive) of your PC. Step 2: Open ... More

how to add device on icloud

How to Add a Device to iCloud from iPhone/Mac? 1. How to Add a Device to iCloud from iPhone/Mac? For you to add a device to iCloud you must have an iCloud account and set it up on your device. ... More

how to connect 5 pin 12v switch

Roof Bumper Light Bar Rocker Switch. 1x 5 Pin Rocker Switch. Switch M ode. O N -O FF Switch. Pin Number. Switch Color. Switch S ize. S turdy D urability : made of strengthened plastic and well-condu... ... More

how to add more accounts to facebook app

Friendly Social app support any number of Facebook account in single app. Install on your iPhone, and add login email and password of each Facebook profile. You can see here I added two Facebook account. But you can try for any number. This app create separate login session for all users. So you can jump from any account to another in single tap. ... More

how to clean a ferret cage

Cleaning isn’t glamorous, but it does improve quality of life — a lot. If you never flushed the toilet, took out the trash or washed your clothes, you probably wouldn’t enjoy where you live or have many visitors.Ferrets ... More

how to cook canned tuna chunks

Top up with any remaining tuna chunks. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown. *If you don’t want to waste the potato flesh, store it in the refrigerator for a stir … ... More

smoked bacon how to eat

Smoking is the process of flavoring, browning, cooking, or preserving food by exposing it to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most often wood. Meat, fish, and lapsang souchong tea are often smoked. ... More

how to change windows xp operating system language to english

If you change the operating system to Windows XP, Get or make a set of system recovery discs (in English). In the event that the operating system change to Windows XP is unsatisfactory, a set of system recovery discs will be needed to return the computer to its former state. note: After installing XP, If HP Support is contacted regarding the troubleshooting of software and hardware issues ... More

how to connect windows 10 laptop to internet via wifi

Solved My laptop WiFi won't connect to internet-Says not in the Network ? All wireless devices working -0ld laptop Windows 7. solution; How can i connect my hp laptop windows 10 using … ... More

how to buy stocks and make money

5/12/2013 · Thomas H. Forester, CFA, Chief Investment Officer, Forester Capital Management. Tom Forester: We are a large cap value fund using a low price/earnings ratio and a bottom-up stock … ... More

how to delete google docs files

How To Delete All Documents in Google Docs - Deleting files in Google Docs shouldn t be a chore. Occasionally you may find yourself staring at a full list of files you either don t want or don t need. ... More

how to clean gore tex

To enjoy your GORE-TEX® clothing, shoes or gloves as long as possible, it’s important to take care for your products. Which also means you should know how to wash and clean them correctly. ... More

jabra solemate mini how to connect

Designed to go anywhere, the Jabra Solemate Mini is the speaker that’s made to move. Just add music! Jabra Solemate Mini takes sound to a new level. REASONS TO CHOOSE JABRA SOLEMATE MINI. Available in multiple colors, the Jabra Solemate Mini can also be used as a speakerphone. ... More

how to cook gizzards for gravy

22/11/2012 · Best Answer: The night before you cook your turkey, remove the bag in the cavity of the turkey, along with the neck. Place the heart, liver, gizzard, and neck in a saucepan and cover with water or broth. Bring to a boil and lower heat to simmer. 'This will be the basis of your gravy… ... More

how to create wiki page for a person

A SharePoint Wiki page is commonly used to easily share information and collaborate with other users. Many people use these pages because of the simplicity, both creating and editing. Maybe you want to put important company information on this page or instructions on how to do something. Either way, Wiki pages provide a quick way of adding text to your SharePoint site. ... More

how to clean rust off shower door

I have rust looking stains around the shower door edges, mostly at 4' level to floor. I have tried many cleaning products with little to no effect. I don't want to replace as this is a neo-angle shower… ... More

how to vectorize an image in corel draw x7

Open that image in CorelDRAW. 2. Select any or all of the objects containing the color you want to use and drag them into the gray area at the top of the Color Styles docker (see Fig 2). 2. Select any or all of the objects containing the color you want to use and drag them into the gray area at the top of the Color Styles docker (see Fig 2). ... More

how to change your app store to american

If the Netflix app is open in your iOS multitasking, close it from the multitasking tray and re-launch the app from your home screen. These steps will need to be … ... More

how to buy a mattress pad

The Sunbeam Premium Quilted Heated Mattress Pad was the most cushioned mattress pad we tried and one of the only pads we found with a 100 percent cotton top. Our pick Sunbeam Premium Quilted Heated Mattress Pad ... More

how to say call the police in chinese

Call the police! in many languages. Jump to phrases. I hope you never have to use this phrase, but here it is, just in case. Click on any of the phrases that are links to hear them spoken. ... More

how to delete a message sent in skype

i wanna know how to delete the send and received files on my… i wanna know how to... i wanna know how to delete the send and received files on my computer stories the receiver receive the files already i just want to delete thoses files on my profil on skype please hep ... More

how to dounlouad carlson survce download

For surveying, engineering, mining, or construction, Carlson Software is the one place to find the complete software solution for the entire lifecycle of your projects. An independent company ... More

how to draw good in photoshop

Graphic Design & Photoshop Projects for $30 - $250. I have some cartoon comic characters that are previously developed but I want these same characters drawn doing various action poses. ... More

how to begin running for the first time

First, plan your schedule so that you're sure to set aside time to devote to your new running routine. You can reap fitness rewards with just 30 minutes a day, three to five times per week. You can reap fitness rewards with just 30 minutes a day, three to five times per week. ... More

how to build a stun glove

Play and Listen 10 million volt stun glove made by the aie armor division how to make a set will be linked below 2 videos about 30min long each theres a part 1 and a ... More

how to close issue in github with commit

GitHub is a free way to host your open-source WordPress themes and take advantage of version control in your development projects. This acts as a free backup of your theme, while also giving you management tools for keeping track of your changes over time. ... More

how to cook cracklins in oven

20/04/2018 · The cook times below are based on pork that is around 5-8 cm / 2-3.2" thick, including skin. I don't recommend using this recipe for pork less than 1.5kg/3lb. … ... More

networking coffee how to ask

This article focuses more on a different type of networking: The one-on-one coffee (or lunch, or happy hour beer, etc). Being a great communicator doesn’t always equate to being a great networker. ... More

how to connect ceiling speakers to tv

20/06/2017 · If you don't plan on adding any more speakers, all you would need is to purchase an old stereo receiver with an optical audio input to power the speakers which you would then connect to the optical audio output on the TV. ... More

how to clean a cast iron drain cover

10/10/2012 · I have a Cast Iron Drain Insert in my laundry room floor drain that has heavy rust on it. It is removable and it is a heavy cast part that is still very solid except it has a lot of rust and dirt on it. ... More

how to become a hitman for the cia

Mr. Hodges, who worked for the CIA for 41 years as an operative with top-level security clearances, claims he was often employed as a hitman by the organization, to assassinate individuals who could represent a threat to the security of the country. ... More

how to buy a swimming pool in sims 3

Swimming pools are built using the Build Mode instead of the Buy Mode on "The Sims 3." Players can create two design types of pools—standard and curved—customisable anytime during the game. Curved pools have been added by the Late Night expansion pack. ... More

how to connect 2 monitors to imac

Is it possible to connect 2 Samsung monitors with a resolution of 1920x1080 to a new imac 27" with two thunderbolt connectors (per mini displayport to dvi or mdp to hdmi cable)? ... More

how to get 1 year old to drink water

One way to estimate how much water you should drink per day is to take your weight in pounds, divide that by two, and drink that much water in fluid ounces. Warnings Increasing your water or fluid intake in the late evening may cause you to have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. ... More

how to change battery in acura key fob

if you are looking for information about acura mdx key fob battery. You should visit the website for more details. How To Replace Acura MDX Sport Key Fob Battery 2007 2009 YouTube ... More

how to delete account

It has happened that users lost some mind-maps and hence the work of days, weeks, or even months was lost. There is a number of reasons why users lost their data. ... More

how to avoid being a minuteman

3/01/2019 · That being said, there may be days when you have relapses. This is a normal part of the recovery process. Don't become discouraged. Believe in yourself. This is a normal part of the recovery process. Don't become discouraged. ... More

how to close a sole trader business

Setting up as a sole trader may be one of the easiest ways to start a business, however if your business starts to struggle then the financial repercussions can be much more serious for a sole trader than for a director of a limited company. ... More

how to draw a networtk diagram

6/04/2010 · Folks, Having been the network business a long time, I'd like to pass on a few pointers that I've learned over the years. When drawing a network diagram, think about whether it makes sense to draw a logical or a physical diagram. ... More

how to connect macbook pro 15 to 2 monitors

14/07/2016 · Question: Q: Connecting Macbook Pro to 2 Dell Monitors I feel I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find the correct adapter to connect my Macbook Pro (mid 2012) to 2 Dell 24 Monitors E2416H at work. ... More

how to change the ruler colors in photoshop

Then this tutorial on how to change the background color in Photoshop is for you. By removing a background and replacing it with a solid colour your subject will stand out. This is great for use on social media, for example. Kevin Landwer-Johan. Step 1: Choose Your Photo. For this tutorial I will use a photo I took of a young Hmong woman at a new year festival in Laos. She was standing in a ... More

how to identify download activity

Neuroscientists have identified a pattern of brain activity correlated with development of schizophrenia, which they say could be used as a marker to diagnose the disease earlier. ... More

how to check for wanna cry virus

Wanna Cry is a virus that can get into the system and makes the data encrypt. It locks the entire data in a way that users cannot decode the files. It makes the file inaccessible. It generally affects the Windows Operating System. Once the system is affected, users receive a pop-up window about the payment of the amount as ransom. Moreover, it comes up with two countdown clocks that show the ... More

how to change epson r2880 gloss or matte

A print from a pigment-ink-based printer, such as the Epson r2880, will fade more slowly than a print from a dye-ink-based printer, such as the Epson Stylus Photo 1400, but all prints will ... More

how to add a powerpoint to google drive

If you have access to PowerPoint, you can instantly convert your Google Gantt chart into an impressive image or slide that can be used for project management purposes, such as client presentations or stakeholder reviews. As shown in the image below, you can also add critical project milestones to the Gantt chart. This does require the PowerPoint add-in ... More

how to delete samsung s9

This guide shows you how to delete an email account on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Android 8.0. If you have problems with your email account, you can delete it and set it up again. - Worldmanuals.WebCore.Projections.Device (Android 8.0) ... More

how to use portable hard drive with ableton mac

Plus, Live itself (especially Suite) installs gigabytes of content into your primary drive, and also created gigabytes of data in cache directories on your primary drive when you use it. These can both be moved to external drive, but you'll need to know how. ... More

how to change appearnce in chrome

Locate the Appearance section, which contains an option labeled Show Home button. To add the Home button to your Chrome toolbar, click Show Home button to toggle the slider next to it to the On position. ... More

how to clear virus from macbook air

4/07/2014 · Note that anti-virus software would not have protected you against this, as most anti-virus software does not detect adware. (Fair disclosure: The Safe Mac is my site, and contains a Donate button, so I may receive compensation for providing links to The Safe Mac. ... More

how to choose what happens whenyou connect a hard drive

Connect your storage device to your computer correctly and learn how to format the external hard drive to FAT32 in Windows 10 with EaseUS Partition Master from the steps below. Download Now Windows 10 is supported ... More

how to create picasa web album link

I have a lot of images in a picasa web album, and I want to obtain the URL for all of the images in that album. The sharing settings of that album are Visibility= Restricted, all with the link. ... More

how to get a powerpoint on a flash drive

The moment it came back, you rebooted the machine and accessed both the system and pen drive, but unfortunately, the PowerPoint file was missing. You also juggled with other files saved on your system but did not find anything. ... More

how to become a us navy fighter pilot

Being a member of the USAF Pilot-Physician Program has been an absolute pleasure, and having the opportunity to fly in high performance military fighter aircraft has never seemed like work to me! ... More

how to clean pilkington self cleaning glass

Glass maker Pilkington will introduce its newest product, the world's first self-cleaning glass, to the UAE market early next year. The new product, called Pilkington Activ, was launched in the European and north American markets this year, after extensive test marketing in the US, Ireland and Austria. ... More

how to draw a geometric animal

Geometric vector animals are a stunning pet project By Sammy Maine 2014-03-10T10:03:33.68Z Illustration Covering both wild and domestic animals, you'll go all puppy-eyed at these vector animal illustrations from Hope Little. ... More

how to change nameserver wordpress

On the DNS Management page, under Nameservers, click Change. Under Choose your new nameserver type, select Custom. Enter the custom nameservers your hosting provider gave you and click Save. After updating your nameservers, allow 4 to 8 hours for other networks to access information for .com and .net domain names, and allow 24 to 48 hours for other networks to access … ... More

how to cancel xbox gold free trial

Xbox Live Gold offers its own free games offering, Games With Gold, and like Games with Gold, if you cease your Xbox Game Pass subscription, your access to that library of games will cease, although you will keep any gamerscore you’ve accrued. If you resubscribe down the track and the game in question is still available, you should also be able to use game saves and any purchased DLC at that ... More

how to change mac watch sounds

10/07/2011 · Learn how to change your alert sound on your mac in 4 steps! created by zerosGameDesign check out my website at ... More

how to connect iphone with wps button

WPS Connect iOS 11: iPhone is the widely used Smartphone in the world with more features. iPhone can be connected to the WiFi network using the WPS Connect for iOS 11. The main reason for connecting with the WPS is that the internet speed is faster and efficient when compared to others. ... More

how to change sd cards on new 3ds

Online gaming publication Kotaku have gotten rather frustrated with the New Nintendo 3DS. The reason being? You need a screwdriver to change memory cards in the New Nintendo 3DS. This is because the Micro SD Card slot is located under the hood meaning that you'll need a … ... More

how to delete reddit account 2018

28/09/2018 · A hacker threatened to delete Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page . New, 12 comments. The event was scheduled to be streamed on Facebook Live. By Jon Porter @JonPorty Sep 28, 2018, 4:42am EDT Share ... More

how to change colours for an epsom 7610 printer

Epson WorkForce Pro 7610 ink cartridges. SKU. WorkForce Pro 7610. Weight. 18.50 Kgs A fast well equpiied A3 multifunction printer that delivers professional quality printing with up to 40 percent lower printing cost versus colour laser machines. The WorkForce WF-7610 has a large 250 sheet paper capacity with auto matic double sided printing, copying, scanning and fax functions. ... More

how to buy fifa points on xbox one

Buy Cheap FIFA 16 Coins XBOX ONE, 24/7 live chat , huge stock, Buy FIFA 16 Coins XBOX ONE and build your fifa 16 team now! ... More

how to copy downloaded wii games to hard drive

12/01/2015 · So you can't even put all the games on the hard drive and save files on the internal memory. You could do backups of the whole harddrive, but these will only ever be useable by your Wii and you have to do the whole drive, can't just do the saves. ... More

how to avoid index scan in sql server

By: Ben Snaidero Overview. When using the LIKE operator and having the first character in your search string a wildcard character, either % or _, the SQL Optimizer will be forced to do a table/index scan when executing your query. ... More

how to create physiology images

The Physiology of Skeletal Muscle Contraction In this page we look at the physiology behind muscular contraction and what causes a contraction to cease. Low and behold one simple mineral is really quite critical... ... More

how to draw a cartoon alligator

Find funny crocodile cartoon posing Stock Vectors and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations, and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. ... More

how to connect a facebook page to twitter

9/09/2016 · today i will teach you in this video tutorial How To Connect A Facebook Page To Twitter Account Fastest and easy way to link twitter to facebook business page … ... More

how to cook top sirloin cap steak

Top Sirloin Cap or Brazilian Picanha Steak Recipe. Tri-tip and sirloin steaks are often confused with the top sirloin cap, but a knowledgeable butcher will … ... More

how to add photos in picasa web album

To enable email uploads, from your Picasa Web Albums account, click on settings and scroll down until you see the Upload Photos by Email section as seen in the screenshot here. ... More

how to buy shares in tesla from australia

Stake, the Sydney fintech Stake with $0 brokerage on US share trading, has a gift card that lets the recipient buy shares like Tesla, Google, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba and Berkshire Hathaway, and we ... More

how to cut a large hole in wood

28/05/2016 · How to cut a hole in ceramic tile for toilet flange with an angle grinder - Duration: 7:48. Sal DiBlasi 2,132,310 views ... More

how to bring on a period after depo

Depo-Provera is the only injectable contraceptive approved for use in the United States, according to the Mayo Clinic. It contains a high dose of progestin, a synthetic form of progesterone. After receiving the shot, a woman should not become pregnant for up to three months. ... More

how to purchase call of duty ww2 darkest shore

Tips For Call Of Duty WW2 The Darkest Shore. To say I have loved the zombie's mode in Call Of Duty WW2 is an understatement. I have already played through the latest chapter, The Darkest Shore a few times and loved every moment of it. ... More

how to drink brandy reddit

The Armenian-American entrepreneur joins forces with Flaviar to release a new brandy called Shakmat XO directly to consumers. These days, Armenian brandy is still a booming business in its home ... More

how to draw anime girl with headphones step by step

Manga Girl With Headphones - An easy, step by step drawing lesson for kids. This tutorial shows the sketching and drawing steps from start to finish. Another free Manga for beginners step by step … ... More

how to become a successful speaker

In this four hour audio presentation writer and speaker, Kathy Carolton Willis, leads the participants through the elements and style of delivering a talk and the craft of speaking. ... More

how to buy a ring mount for a microphone

Install the Mounting Bracket Take everything that came in the box, along with a power drill if you’re installing on stucco, brick or concrete, to the spot where you’ll be installing your Ring Doorbell. Snap the provided level onto the mounting bracket and use it to help position the bracket. Then remove the orange tape, and use the mounting bracket as a template to mark the four corner ... More

how to clear mucus from ear

Try to avoid poking the ears when it is blocked by mucus. It might cause an infection in the ear It might cause an infection in the ear Be alert during a take off and landing of the plane during a plane journey. ... More

how to cancel a centrelink payment

2 Repaying a debt if you are receiving a Centrelink payment If you are receiving Centrelink payments, Centrelink will reduce your payments to start repaying the debt in ... More

how to create folders in emails

17/08/2015 · I need help setting up folders in my windows mail, I am part of a moms group that has 10-20 messages a day, I need to set up the account to put them somewhere else so I do not receive so many emails a day. ... More

how to download haxrec recordings

If you don’t pay for a monthly subscription, the Canary Home Security Camera keeps video recordings for 24 hours before they’re deleted, which should give you plenty of time to download … ... More

how to change audio to english on video ps4

If the MP4 video is not encoded with PS4 compatible codec, we will fail to stream MP4 to PS4 or cannot play MP4 on PS4 even if successfully transferred MP4 … ... More

how to change security on windows 8

How to Set BIOS Password on Windows 8.1/8 to Ensure Security BIOS password, which is also called supervisor password, is the first protection layer of your computer. If it is created, you will be required to input it before you access the BIOS setup utility interface and get into your computer. ... More

how to add a url to a text

See how to convert url text to clickable hyperlink in Excel for easy how-to instructions. In Excel, click on the column you want to convert to clickable hyperlinks. Follow the first option: Convert URL text to clickable hyperlink with VBA code ... More

how to store cut pumpkin

It's slightly easier to cut as the skin is less tough than the larger Jap pumpkin. Butternut pumpkins can be purchased whole of in pieces. Avoid cut pieces that look very dry at the cut end or pieces that are damp in patches. Once cut store them in the fridge. Whole pumpkins will store well out of … ... More

how to delete information from icloud

19/10/2014 · I want to knw how to erase iCloud id widout pasword from iphone 5s iOS 8.1 or how to erase i phone widout iCloud pasword i forgot my pasword and i dnt knw any information related to my iCloud id nt even alternative id need a help:(( ... More

how to add notes in musescore 2

Step 2: Mouse Input The most common and reliable way, but not the fastest way to input notes manually is to use mouse input. Basically you click to write the notes. ... More

how to eat to increase progesterone

How To Increase Progesterone To Get Pregnant What To Eat To Conceive Fast How Long Takes To Get Pregnant How To Increase Progesterone To Get Pregnant Had Sex Two Days Before Ovulation Pregnancy First Weeks I hope this can help you think about whether home health testing is for you. It's not for everyone. Please see our Author authors resource box for information on how to contact us to … ... More

how to build an easel this old house

In the photo, my easel is placed on a home-made table top supported by two sturdy side shelves holding assorted tools and paints — a small community of whimsy and essentials covered by a white ... More

how to become a sports writer for bleacher report

Scott Miller Verified account @ScottMillerBbl. National MLB columnist for Bleacher Report/Turner Sports. SiriusXM MLB Network Radio Analyst. Fox Sports San Diego contributor. ... More

how to delete save on desmume

If you think pokemon black save file desmume file is your intellectual property and shouldn't be listed, please fill in DMCA complain and we remove file immediately. Also if visitors will get caught uploading multiple copyrighted files, their IP will be permanently banned from using our service. ... More

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how to build image recognition software

Going forward, I will also cover the machine learning based project in which I will create Image puzzle using python programming and OpenCV. This will be a picture-based puzzle where you can search a small section of the image inside a bigger image.

how to record adobe connect

24/05/2015 · Adobe Connect is an entirely Adobe Flash-based software that features creating presentation, online training, web conference and sharing users’ desktop.

how to clean hdtv screen

When it comes to cleaning, flat TVs and LCD screens require special care and a gentle touch. The screens can be easily scratched and antiglare coatings can be damaged.

how to add tag on facebook after posting

Add all the text you want to add into the status or comment. You can add text in front of the numeric ID to push the tagged name a little behind. A properly done status will look something like this: You can add text in front of the numeric ID to push the tagged name a little behind.

how to begin as a project manager

There are five phases of project management. Each phase of project management has a distinct purpose, importance, and set of outputs designed to ensure that the project manager is moving the project towards the desired results.

how to cut copy and paste text

By Mark L. Chambers . To copy a block of text or a photo to a second location or to cut something from a document open in another application, you can call on the power of the cut, copy, and paste …

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